IKEA’s Maskros Pendant Lamp

ikea maskros chandelier

IKEA has a new pendant lamp, the Maskros. It is reminiscent of the iconic Hicks pendant light, but instead of using the typical lamp shade, this one uses a roll of flat reeds. Read on to learn more about this modern lighting fixture and what it has to offer.

IKEA’s Maskros pendant lamp

The Ikea Maskros pendant lamp projects a colorful pattern onto your ceiling and wall. It’s compatible with IKEA’s 365+ SANDA track system and works well in traditional dining rooms or living rooms. It uses a 25-watt halogen E12 bulb. This lamp is available in two sizes – 22 inches in diameter and 32 inches in diameter. The lamp also features a paper shade.

The Ikea Maskros pendant lamp works well in a boy’s bedroom. The slim and modern design will add an air of coolness to your child’s room. The maskros pendant lamp adds an element of playfulness to a bedroom. The lamp is easy to install and can be moved from one room to another. The design is available in a variety of colors and styles.

It is reminiscent of the iconic Hicks pendant light

IKEA’s Maskros chandelier is a beautiful piece of modern furniture that resembles an iconic Hicks pendant light in shape and color. While you can purchase a white version, IKEA offers a wide range of colors and finishes that will match any room’s decor. If you don’t want to commit to the white option, you can easily paint it. Check out this tutorial from Apartment Therapy for more information.

Another modern pendant light is the IKEA PS 2014, inspired by ’60s sci-fi films. With its large knot, this light is very eye-catching. If you have a room with minimal charm, a modern pendant light like this can make it feel complete. The Felsisk pendant light, for example, looks more modern but still retains its organic charm.

It is made from a Jara lampshade

The Ikea Maskros chandelier is a clever design that uses an Ikea Jara lampshade to create an eye-catching chandelier. The lamp shade is woven from flat reeds, which are often used for basketmaking. These flat reeds are also perfect for making pendant lights. The instructions for this DIY project can be found on Style Me Pretty.

The maskros pendant is a great way to add light to a room. This unique design can be kept dust-free by using a blow dryer on “no heat” mode. The maskros pendant can be found in different areas of the room, and is made in the Netherlands.

It is made from a roll of flat reeds

You can make your own chandelier by using the flat reeds that are commonly used for basket making. You can find instructions to make woven pendant lights at Style Me Pretty. The lamp shade can also be made from flat reeds.

The Maskros pendant lamp is a great way to update an outdated room. It costs $89 and features a sculptural shape. It is available in two sizes: 22″ and 32″ in diameter. The lamp comes with a paper shade and a simple bulb.

It costs $89

The stylish and inexpensive Ikea Maskros chandelier has an eye-catching design that’s sure to brighten any room. Available in two sizes, the smaller 22″ version is only $50, and the larger, 32″ version costs $89! It features flower-like polypropylene cups attached to a steel base, creating a dandelions effect on the ceiling when it’s lit.

The Maskros chandelier is an ideal way to update a dull room with a new, fresh look. The only problem is that it only comes in one bright white finish, but there is an easy solution to this. You can spray paint it to a unique color! Apartment Therapy has a helpful tutorial for how to do it.