Shining a Light on Plumen Shades: A Modern Twist on Traditional Lighting Design


Lighting design encompasses a wide range of styles and forms. Recently, there has been a surge of interest in using innovative lighting fixtures that incorporate sleek, modern designs. One such fixture is the Plumen Shade – a stunning example of contemporary lighting design that brings a new level of elegance and sophistication to residential and commercial spaces.

What is the Plumen Shade?

Developed by London-based lighting company Plumen, the Plumen Shade is a fixture that combines both form and function. It is an innovative and stylish addition to any interior lighting design scheme. The shade itself is made from a single sheet of aluminum that has been carefully engineered to deliver maximum durability and functionality.

The Design Inspiration behind the Plumen Shade

Plumen Shade’s design was inspired by the biologically-inspired forms of natural structures – specifically, the form and function of bird feathers. The precision-engineered aluminum sheet features edge bending technology that creates a feather-like appearance. The Plumen Shade’s collection of mirrored aluminum components reflects both the light source and the environment, creating a unique and dynamic visual effect.

The Advantages of Plumen Shades

One of the greatest advantages of using a Plumen Shade is the combination of style and functionality. The Plumen Shade provides both direct and indirect lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is achieved through the design’s geometric shapes that produce a pattern of light and shadow that is both attractive and functional.

The Plumen Shade is also built to be sustainable, reducing the need for disposable lighting fixtures that generate waste. Materials used to create the fixture are carefully sourced to meet the highest sustainability standards. This helps to minimize the carbon footprint of the lighting industry.

What Makes Plumen Shades Unique?

Plumen Shades are unique because of the way that they blend function and style. The shades are designed to be used with Plumen’s energy-saving bulbs, which are known for their long-lasting performance and low environmental impact. The combination of the innovative, energy-efficient bulbs and the stylish Plumen Shade makes for an unbeatable combination in home lighting design.

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