Lighting Ideas Outdoor to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

lighting ideas outdoor

Whether you’re decorating an expansive yard or a tight apartment balcony, the right lighting ideas outdoor will help make your space feel like a retreat. From sconces and lanterns to chandeliers and candles, these simple but effective design elements will enhance your outdoor living spaces in a stylish way.

Deck Stair Lights

Adding outdoor stair lights makes it easy to navigate your gazebo or deck. Depending on your space, these fixtures might be used as task lighting to illuminate your stairs at night or they might be placed higher up to create a soft glow and ambiance.

Wall Sconces

Taking elements from indoor spaces, wall sconces are a great choice for patio lighting because they provide both illumination and decor. They can be hung from the ceiling or set on a feature wall and are available in a variety of styles. They also offer a soft, ambient lighting option that will illuminate a seating area or an outdoor dining table in the evening.


Candles are an ideal outdoor lighting option for spaces where hardwired options may be too costly or too difficult to install. They are romantic, add a cozy glow and can be easily moved to different locations. Battery-powered pillar candles are an excellent choice as they won’t melt or create fire hazards.

String Lighting

Hanging strings of string lights are another great option for outdoor spaces, especially when you don’t have access to a power source. These can be arranged in multiple lines to suit your space and are simple to control using a switchable extension cord.

Tree Lighting

If you have a backyard full of trees, consider fixing up a set of tree lights. These are often a cost-effective way to illuminate your backyard, as they’re small and easy to install.

Well Lights

Typically used for garden features, well lights are round, push-in lights that can be pushed into the ground to illuminate smaller areas. These are a great option for lighting taller features, such as trees, but they can also be used for shorter items, such as shrubs.

Chandeliers and Pendants

If your budget allows, you can install a chandelier outdoors. This is a traditional lighting fixture that works beautifully on your porch or in your backyard, and it can be adjusted to fit the space’s height by simply adjusting the chain.

Steph Moore of Renovation Bay-Bee took a few of these fixtures and added them to her outdoor lounge area, creating a laid-back hangout zone that mimics the same vibe she has inside her home.

Patio Fans

If you have an outdoor space that gets a lot of sun, a patio fan can be an excellent way to keep the air circulating and keep the temperature cool. A ceiling fan is also a great addition to a covered patio as it provides the illusion of shade.

Decorative Lighting:

There are many outdoor lighting options to choose from, so be sure to consider your space’s needs and aesthetic preferences before making a final decision. You can also mix and match lighting layers, to complement the mood or occasion that you’re hosting.