Bocci 28.11 Pendants by Omer Arbel

bocci 2811

The Bocci 28 series is the result of a glass blowing technique. During the production process, the pendant lengths are pre-set. This ensures that the pieces have a unique shape. Designed by Omer Arbel, this jewelry is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles.

Bocci 28 series is a result of a glass blowing technique

The 28 series is a collection of contemporary pendants, which are created by a process of glass blowing. The technique involves intermittently blowing air into a glass matrix and rapidly cooling it. The result is a distorted spherical form, with individual indented inner spheres. These pendants are available as a single pendant, table lamp, or chandelier.

The 28 series’ sculptural form is the result of a glass blowing technique that allows the designer to experiment with the fabrication process of the design. The technique uses loose parameters that produce different shapes and colors with each iteration of the hand-made procedure. This means that each light is unique in shape, tonality, and color depth.

Pendant lengths are pre-set during production

The length of each Bocci pendant is pre-set during the production process. The two standard pendant lengths are 12″ and 300mm apart, and are not adjustable on site. The company is committed to quality and craftmanship and their production process is a testament to that.

The 28 pendants are crafted from a complex glass blowing process in which air pressure is introduced intermittently into the glass matrix while it is rapidly cooled. The result is a distorted spherical form with several imploded inner shapes. One of these shapes acts as a shade for the low-voltage light source.

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Bocci is an in-house design studio that was founded in 2005 by Omer Arbel. The company is dedicated to material research and development and has facilities that handle all stages of production and development, including multi-disciplinary collaboration between designers, architects, and artisans. The company focuses on high-quality, bespoke products and strives to create designs that are as unique as the company itself.

Omer Arbel

Omer Arbel’s work explores the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials. He has exhibited his work at several institutions, including Monte Clark Gallery and Spazio Rossana Orlandi. His work focuses on the relationship between objects and spaces.

This collection of multi-light pendant lights features an original glass sphere, bringing personality, authenticity, and exceptional beauty to any space. These designs are the result of Omer Arbel’s unique fabrication techniques, based on manipulating the airflow within the glass matrix. The multi-light pendant lights come in different glass colors, with a choice of round, square, or rectangular canopy shapes.

Bocci 79

Bocci 79 is an exhibition space located in a historic courthouse from 1896 in West Berlin. The space displays works by Canadian artist Omer Arbel, whose practice spans diverse mediums and scales. The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of design and process, and it features over 30 different environments.

Founded in 2005, Bocci is a Vancouver-based design studio with a focus on lighting and furniture. The company’s creations are featured in many hotels and restaurants around the world. Bocci’s creative director was given complete freedom to display his work, and the showroom is like a contemporary art gallery with a large archive of the brand’s past.