Vintage Bintage Lamps

bintage lamps

When shopping for bintage lamps, it’s important to check out the maker’s mark. This can be found near the bottom or on the underside of the lamp. Another indicator is a country-of-origin sticker. These stickers can tell you whether a lamp is truly vintage or a reproduction.

Antique lamp identification chart

If you want to know the value of an antique lamp, then you should know how to identify the plug and cord. Older lamps often had cords with the same size prongs, but more modern ones have smaller prongs. A lamp’s plug and cord can tell you a lot about its age, as does its condition.

Art Deco lamps

Art Deco lamps are a great choice for a modern home. They are an elegant mix of utility and aesthetics, and they make excellent conversation pieces. They also have a long and interesting history. Art Deco lamps are an extremely broad category, but they are well worth exploring for your home’s interior design.

Vintage rattan lamps

These vintage rattan lamps are made from rattan and feature an elegant finial. Each has a three way switch for adjustable illumination. The lamps are in excellent vintage condition, with the rattan showing a rich patina.

Vintage Grasshopper lamps

Greta Grossman designed the Grasshopper lamps in 1947. They are tripod lamps with an elongated conical shade that rotates to direct light where it is needed. These lamps are produced to the original specifications and are available in incandescent 40W/110V/E12 and CFL versions.

Candlestick lamps

Candlestick lamps are a beautiful way to add a touch of vintage style to your home. The style is simple and classic and can work in many different rooms. You can choose from a number of different materials and styles. Whether you’re decorating for a formal or casual room, candlestick lamps will give your room a softer look.

Fontana table lamps

Fontana table lamps are a great example of vintage furniture. The company’s founder, Luigi Fontana, founded a glassmaking business in 1881. At first, his bread and butter was creating plate-glass panels for the construction industry. Then, in 1930, he met Gianluigi Ponti, the influential editor of the design magazine Domus. The two struck up a partnership and, in 1932, Fontana Arte was incorporated. The two men contributed several signature pieces to the company’s line, including the truncated cone shade and the stratified hanging sphere.

Art Nouveau lamps

There are many different styles and shapes of Art Nouveau lamps. One such example is the Art Nouveau lady lamp. This stunningly detailed lamp has a statue-like design depicting Venus rising from the waves. Its gold tone finish and delicate handcrafting make this a unique lamp for your home. It can be used in your bedroom or living room.

Snoopy table lamps

This vintage 1958-1966 Snoopy table lamp comes with the original box, shade, and bulb. It measures 15″ tall and features the famous cartoon character. The base is in perfect condition and is clearly marked with the United features Syndicate label.

Grasshopper table lamps

Designed in 1948 by Greta Gossman, the Grasshopper Table Lamp features a fun and sophisticated design. The lamp is topped with a sculptural conical shade and a tubular brass stand. It is a great example of Grossman’s whimsical design language.

Grasshopper lamp base

Grasshopper lamp bases are a classic choice for vintage lamps. They’re both stylish and practical. Grasshopper lamp bases feature a wide, curved base that allows the lamp to be placed on the floor or table. They’re also made of sturdy, sand-filled concrete, so they can withstand years of wear and tear.